Web Application Development

End-to-End Web Development Services

Manin is a company for web development that has a lot of experience when it comes to building world class level of applications focusing on AdTech, video delivery, data analytics and e-Learning. Given the “go” signal, our elite workforce is going to help you out venture into stormy weather to help you realize your dreams. We standby our promise to be committed to our clients in terms of cost, deliverance and quality.

Front-End Development

We do our best to understand the requirements you have so we can have a lasting relationship with you that is built on trust and great user-product type of relationship that will surely boost your satisfaction and adoption too. We send our front-end people to take it from there in order to give the user the ultimate journey.

  • Sharp UI that has pixel-perfect level of accuracy matching design mockups
  • Consistent UX throughout the whole application
  • Stunning effects and amazing animations that would not compromise the speed and level of the application’s performance

Back-End Development

Give Manin’s senior engineers and architects a chance to build and design your core applications- with their eye for potential, great features and robustness.

  • Solid architecture that will be able to accommodate scale of future growth
  • Flexible enough to integrate systems as well as third-party services
  • Provide actionable type of insights through advance data
  • State of the art features that will protect your date, your processes and your users

R&D and Consulting

Our Results and development team will try to learn the ins and outs of your company so that we can help you to reduce market risk as well as technical risk in the entire development cycle of our software.

  • Affirm your concepts
  • Choose the best technology
  • Maximize your resources
  • Avoid unnecessary additional costs
  • Ensure and innovate growth
  • Explore newer business models

Manual and Automated QA

From the very first day, we will put all our QA experts for you, all on call so you can tell them all the features you want and to ensure that your software would run across all screen sizes and browsers.

  • Automate the complicated, repetitive and laborious tasks
  • Reduce your costs
  • Compress your customer feedback loops
  • Improve your product as quick as possible
  • Get a transparent outlook at process and progress
  • Plan and troubleshoot with ease
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