You can’t predict the future. Are you prepared to define it? Welcome to Manin.


Manin is a beautiful mix of business minds, devops software developers embedded architects, IOT experts, software developers, graphic designers and mechanical engineers – basically, just about everyone you need to turn your ideas into reality.

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For all of our DevOps projects at Manin, we developed a specialised method. This procedure increases our pace and productivity by a factor of ten. All of the stages of the process that we follow for all of our DevOps services are listed below.

Devops Consulting Services process

Embedded Software Development

Our dedicated team for the development of embedded software is composed of experts in doing firmware development and have immeasurable experience in doing embedded-C language for applications and high-end processors.

Software Development

Manin is one of the best outsourcing company that offers clients a wide variety of services regarding software development that can be customized to the needs of verticals as well as business domains.

Custom Software Development

What we can assure clients is that we will listen to them and try our best to understand their needs and the detail of their requirements. After knowing it, we would analyze what type of software would suit the interest of our client best without them having to pay a hefty price but still providing them with the best output that is of industry standard.

Web Application Development

When it comes to web applications, we have software engineers having a huge amount of experience in building them. Also, we are experts when it comes to a lot of verticals as well as business domains and this includes: AdTech, e-Commerce, Entertainment, e-Learning, Finance and a whole lot more.

Mobile Application Development

Now is the right time for you to develop some powerful and highly operational mobile application to solve your business problem and to reinforce your own brand. We will build you a native, cross-platform and hybrid apps that will run through all operating systems like Android and iOS.


Manin software are the Most Recognizable Company when it comes to Web Design and also when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. We do our best to provide our clients with new and meaningful experiences that goes beyond their expectations.



We create the future. We are your informed partner as well as your most powerful ally when it comes to giving seamless experiences to all segments and touchpoints.

e-Commerce Shopping DESIGN

e-commerce shopping like cart solutions is one of the many specializations we have. They are the best way you have on selling products online and generating that extra sales.

Website Maintenance & re-design

Even the best sites out there is not going to keep their ranking if they are not properly maintained. We have a lot of offerings when it comes to maintenance plans that are proven and tested to be effective to keep your site on operating and give it a fresh look, so it is going to be on its optimum level.

SEO - Search engine optimization

There are a lot of factor such as the relevance of a search phrase into which search engines are going to rank all the website out there. Our goal with Manin’s SEO services, is to help you get to the top of the list of all search engines out there.

The greatest good you’re ever gonna get.

Iterative, low-risk development approach

With our Scrum method, you will improve the overall quality of your product with a thorough quality assurance process. You can do this with the complex applications that we will build for you to help you handle changing your requirements easily.

Ease-of-use and usability get top priority

Our experts on UX assures you that the app will be intuitive, has a simple interface and straightforward in both mobile and desktop versions. We usually start with user interface prototyping so that we can create more meaningful experiences for the users themselves.

IPR protection

Here at Manin, IPR or intellectual property rights is something we take seriously. When we finish your project, you will be having sole ownership of the codebase as well as the deliverables made for it.

Rock-solid guarantees

Each contract that we make includes clauses to guarantee that your project will be completed within your set budget and on time. To add up to that, we will also give you a 180-day warranty that you can use to address any errors that can occur even after your project with us is finished.

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