About Us


You can’t predict the future. Are you prepared to define it? Welcome to Manin Software Manin is a beautiful mix of business minds, DevOps (Experts , Full Stack Developers, Embedded architects, IOT experts, software developers, graphic designers and mechanical engineers basically, just about everyone you need to turn your ideas into reality. With our DevOps & Kubernetes Support / Consulting services, you can reduce costs, improve performance, and shorten the release management period for your cloud operations and workloads. With Manin’s robust services, you can deliver applications at the speed of business We are composed of a passionate team of professionals in IT that have different background in terms of experiences, work and culture and education who works immeasurably to bringing the future a step closer to you. After getting the “go” signal from clients, our elite team would work endlessly, boundlessly and tirelessly, rain or shine, through storms and more just to help make the dreams come into fruition. We always do our best to commit to the promises we made to our clients when it comes to cost, quality and delivery.

Individually, we are good, in teams, we are better but together with you, we can be great.

We also work with a lot of different industries that has businesses ranging from different sizes because we aim to provide our clients with a cost-effective, reliable and cutting-edge type of products.

Manin is an outsourcing company that offers you development services when it comes to making custom software for a wide range of business domains and verticals. We make digital products serving your needs in a worldwide reach. Give our domain expertise a try and you will see that our years of experience will help drive the digital transformation you need.

May you be an established business or a start-up, we are more than ready to assist you and guide you through every single stage of your software development needs— from brain storming, to development and overall support.

We are always ready to listen and to understand the needs of our clients so that we can give all the requirements you want. After that, we would analyze what the perfect software development strategy that would give the best results for you without increasing the cost of the project and still be able to produce the best output. For us, every hurdle and problems we get is a chance to show what we are capable of.

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