With our DevOps & Kubernetes Support / Consulting services , you can reduce costs, improve performance, and shorten the release management period for your cloud operations and workloads. With Manin’s robust services, you can deliver applications at the speed of business

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We design, build and maintain IT infrastructure for our clients on:

Aws consulting services
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Consultation & Strategy Planning

We assist companies in gaining access to their existing IT infrastructure and application lifecycle capabilities, examining the current state of DevOps culture, and assisting them in developing a roadmap, actionable plan, and other specifications.

Cloud Management Services

We assist companies in extending their DevOps approach to the cloud. More applications can be designed, tested, and deployed using state-of-the-art DevOps automation solutions thanks to the cloud framework.

Continuous Integration & Testing

We assist businesses in integrating all developers' work into a competitive framework for greater exposure around the team. We also assist in validating the task's consistency and functionality by continuous automated testing in order to prevent any delays in identifying problems.

DevOps Managed Services

Modern organizations need sophisticated managed service providers for efficient implementation. We offer DevOps-as-a-Service to assist businesses in meeting their demanding growth, implementation, and delivery requirements.

End-to-End DevOps Implementation

An effective DevOps implementation roadmap is needed for a successful implementation. With end-to-end automation, our agile deployment approach helps companies accelerate their business workflow.

DevOps Consulting Services

With our exclusive DevOps consulting services, you can jumpstart your journey. Our consulting team helps companies transition to DevOps from concept to production to deployment to automation.


🔹 Cloud : AWS, GCP, Azure

🔹 Operating systems : CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, CloudLinux.

🔹 Infra Automation : Terraform, Cloud Formation Template, Ansible,  Bash

🔹 CI/CD implementation : Jenkins, Go CD

🔹 Monitoring and logging: Prometheus, Grafana, ELK/EFK, Cloudwatch & Zabbix

🔹 Dockerization and orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm, Harbor Registry

🔹 Kubernetes Deployment Tool: Rancher, Helm Chart

🔹 Artifacts Tools: Nexus, JFrog, XLDeploy


🔹 Microservices infrastructure design, development, and implementation: Docker, Kubernetes

🔹 Configuration management: Ansible, chef

🔹 Database management : MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RDS

🔹 Mail servers : Exim, Postfix, Qmail, SES

🔹 Web services : Apache, Nginx, Litespeed

🔹 Virtualization : Xen, KVM, VmWare ESXi, OpenVZ

🔹 Hosting panels : cPanel/WHM/Plesk/Webmin/VirtualMmin/VestaCP/CWP/SolusVM/Virtualizor

Devops Consulting Services 3

The process our devops consultants follow

For all of our DevOps consulting services at Manin, we developed a specialised method. This procedure increases our pace and productivity by a factor of ten. All of the stages of the process that we follow for all of our services are listed below.

Devops Consulting Services process

Why DevOps consultation in Manin?

Forge a Partnership with our DevOps consultants

The client relationships we establish are designed to take advantage of shared best practises in order to help client operations with greater versatility.

Devops Enhancing/Improvements Process

We are always looking for new ways to enhance our deliverables by implementing appropriate changes. We don't just preach about change; we also put it into action.

Onboarding with devops consultation services

This is the stage in which we begin the various cycles of infrastructure growth, testing, and implementation that have been live tested by clients.

Support and post devops consultation services

Processes aren't a hindrance to our aid. It's constructive and team-oriented. We don't just respond to a need or requirement; we plan support and growth.

Manin Devops Client2
Manin's DevOps consulting services, designed a self servicing portal which helped us to manage and automate complex multi-application deployments on AWS environment. We were able to improve the overall coordination with minimal dependency on our cloud-ops team
Infra Head
Global software solution provider

Our Devops Strategies

Consultation and Planning Services

By visualising the desired state and defining the traceable indicators, we create a DevOps Assessment roadmap.

Process Implementation by our experienced Consultants

With research, design, construction, automation, and deployment in the defined areas, we accelerate implementation.

DevOps - Pilot Framework Creation

In Manin, we combine your existing software with our extensive ecosystem of open source and licenced tools.

DevOps - CI/CD Pipeline Services

Perpetual development, continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment help us close the Dev-Ops gap.

“With our DevOps consulting services, you can reduce costs, improve performance, and shorten the release management period for your cloud operations and workloads. With Manin’s robust DevOps services, you can deliver applications at the pace of business.”

Our DevOps Consultation Methodology

Devops Consulting Services 2

Infrastructure Management

Manage the interactions between the cloud and on-premises environments, as well as servers, storage, networking, and virtualization applications.

Operational Management

Design, oversee and control your cloud operational processes.

Capacity Management

We ensure that the cloud services are appropriately sized to support business workloads whereas remaining cost-effective.

Availability Management

Under an event-driven management architecture, implement robust monitoring.

Release Management

Using good release management practices, you can increase the number of active deployments.

24/7 DevOps Support

Extensive 24/7 end-to-end support for your infrastructures, workloads, and operations will be given

Security Management

Manage inspections, security audits and apply best security practices.

"Initiate your DevOps Transformation Journey with us"

Through our Enterprise consultancy, we help large and medium businesses improve development and operations performance, reduce time to market, and improve the quality of software builds by detecting emerging problems early and keeping code in a releasable state at all times.

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