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Security at home is important. It protects from abuse of your personal items. Citizens need a sense of peace at home as well. In addition, individuals prefer a smart door lock to provide a home security solution.

Home security is the area where the attention to the valuable items in your house is determined. Smart door locks are vital to your home’s safety.


Increases of criminal activities:

The increasing number of criminal activities worldwide is one of the key elements for home security. Houses are also targeted for unauthorized uses as the soft target. That’s why security at home is essential. Smart bio metric door locks are putting a barrier to criminal actions.

 The components of security door lock system:

The smart door lock can easily communicate with other smart home devices in the connected ecosystem using common wireless technology protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Ethernet. For example, the moment the door is locked, lights and other devices are automatically switched off based on rules & conditioning as defined by the user.

In a rush, you left home and forgot to open your door. Don’t worry; with a simple tap on your phone, you can do that easily. Your Smartphone is a standard spare key that lets you manage your home’s front door with just an instant touch from anywhere on the planet.

A lot of smart lock models are available,

Fingerprint smart door lock:

The gate can only be opened in the form of a bio metric fingerprint. The door will be opened automatically once your fingerprint matches existing data in system memory. If any data mismatch or breach of security occurs, a smart lock will send an alert in real time. Usually, this type of electronic door locks will have access backup data in case of any malfunction or technical failure. Admin or other users, as defined by the homeowner, can do it at the back end.

Keypad smart door lock:

During the installation of the smart door lock, the user must send a pass code that is configured at the beginning. Various combinations can exist for various members of your family. This helps keep track of people going in and out of your house. If data mismatch or security breach occurs, an immediate warning will be triggered by the smart lock. In the event of any technical fault, the admin can easily access the back end interface.

Accessibility of Smartphone lock:

 Using the Smartphone connected via Bluetooth, Mobile Data or Wi-Fi, this form of electronic smart lock can be accessed with one click. These types of locks can be controlled entirely by Smartphone and enables you to offer digital keys for a limited time to friends, family, or anyone you meet.

So, by combining these electronic door locks with other key components of your smart security solutions, such as smart sensor camera, sensors, or video doorbell, you can control your entire home from anywhere in the world.

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