Disease Escape using Bio-robotic

Detection of illness using a bio-robotic system based on fuzzy logic to diagnose and track an individual’s physical neuro-psycho conditions. The device, called DDX, is portable without losing diagnostic quality and reliability and also provides the ability to pass diagnosis via a remote communication interface to monitor a patient’s everyday health.

DD X is a portable system that includes multiple parameters such as reaction time, velocity, force, and tremor that are interpreted using fuzzy logic. The resulting output can be displayed or transmitted via a communication interface through a screen.

The process are used to detecting the diseases

The parameters are used in the study of the progression of Parkinson’s disease, an especially degenerative neural process, but it can also be useful in detecting the well-being of a healthy person. Such tests turn out to be an excellent way to find reactive parameter changes due not only to a disease, but also to the use of medications, alcohol, drugs used to treat mental conditions, or other factors that could affect a person’s reactive and coordination ability.

The DD X control system consists of a small board with an internal fuzzy micro controller that acquires some important parameters through the action on a button on the joystick: reaction time, movement speed, finger force on the button, and shake and analyze them with fuzzy rules to detect the disease class of the patient.

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