Business case development, migration planning, and design are all included in cloud consulting, which may be followed by migration implementation. It aims to increase an app’s or a DWH’s performance, reduce OPEX, and open up the door for evolution.


Consultation With Project Team

  • Defining the knowledge and expertise needed for effective migration.
  • Mentioning the advantages and drawbacks of migrating businesses to the cloud.
  • Examining the service offerings of various cloud service providers.
  • Sharing market research insights and industry best practises.

Support, Migration and Optimization

  • If necessary, combining on-premises and cloud infrastructures to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Supporting and improving the DWH and/or transferred applications.
  • Moving workloads, data, and applications to a cloud environment.
  • Cloud infrastructure configuration.
  • Experimenting, especially automated experimenting.
  • Implementing CI/CD.

Project management planning

  • Establishing KPIs for cloud migration (such as the availability, response time, and error rate of the workloads).
  • Putting together a reporting and escalation process for communications.
  • Developing a roles and responsibilities matrix.

Establishing a business case

  • Estimating the TCO.
  • The estimation of ROI.
  • Determining the project’s viability for cloud transfer.

Migration design

  • Choosing the right tools for an automated cloud migration (e.g., AWS Application Migration Service, Azure Data Migration Assistant, BigQuery Data Transfer Service).
  • Constructing applications with cloud-friendly architecture (in case of refactoring).
    Designing a cloud data warehouse, if required.
  • Choose one migration strategy (such as rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, retention, repurchase, or retirement), or a combination of strategies.
  • Designing a cloud data warehouse, if required.
  • CI/CD pipeline design for quick development.

Migration planning

  • Establishing a risk management strategy that, for instance, plans a backup strategy to prevent data loss.
  • Calculating the necessary computing and storage resources for the cloud (including at peak times).
  • Establishing a migration schedule and ranking the workloads for migration.
  • Creating a plan and strategy for migration that are specific to your company’s requirements.
  • Auditing a data warehouse or an existing application.


Continuity in business

We plan and execute migrations without interfering with your business processes.

Sustainable design

We create application architecture that can withstand failure.

Cost-effectiveness of migration

We develop an individual pragmatic strategy for each application or data warehouse to reduce re-development costs prior to migration.

High performance

We plan the necessary cloud resources and use auto scaling to easily handle peak-time workloads.

Mature infrastructures and processes

We design and build cloud-native infrastructures and architectures that include microservices and containerization, IaC and serverless approaches, and CI/CD pipelines to help you advance to the next level of IT maturity.

Cloud cost reduction

We determine the best cloud services for your solution. For storage and compute resources, we use auto scaling features.


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Consultancy For Application Migration

    • Developing a business case.
    • Choosing a cloud service provider.
    • Migration of application(s).
    • Developing a migration strategy and approach for the app.
    • The app and infrastructure are being migrated, supported, and optimised.
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Consulting For Data Warehouse Migration

    • Analyzing the existing DWH.
    • Developing a business case.
    • Choosing a cloud service provider.
    • Developing a migration strategy and strategy approach.
    • Creating a cloud DWH.
    • Migration is in progress.


  • A substantial pool of Cloud certified professionals, such as Cloud Certified Solution Architects and Cloud Certified SysOps Administrators.
  • Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award – 3rd time in a row!!!
  • We hold Guinness Record (Microsoft App Fest)
  • We are consistently ranked as top 0.05% developers in Stack Overflow
  • We are the Core Team of Google Apigee
  • 350+ Successful Projects Worldwide
  • Excellent Client Review / Portfolio
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • Worked with 150+ Companies Worldwide
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