Configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and evolution of Azure-based infrastructures are all aspects of outsourced Microsoft Azure management. Manin, a Microsoft Partner with nine Gold competencies, offers transparent managed services to maintain the stability of your Azure infrastructure together with fair costs and swiftly implemented adjustments.


Non-IT enterprises

Companies employing Azure as an IaaS or PaaS benefit from the following:

Configure all of the services and continuously tweak them for best performance in order to integrate Azure services with on-premises IT infrastructures or its components.To keep an eye on Azure services and swiftly resolve issues with little to no downtime.To maintain and develop infrastructures built on Azure.
To continuously reduce the amount of storage and compute resources used, even while a computation- or storage-intensive solution, such a big data app or an IoT app, is being used.

SaaS application providers

Manin assists businesses utilising Azure:

To set up Azure services such that consumers are happy, costs are kept to a minimum, and IT infrastructure scalability is guaranteed.To keep an eye on the services and swiftly resolve issues with little to no downtime.

  • Data center physical plant/building
  • Azure Security and Networking
  • Azure Storage and Databases, Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Windows OS


  • Azure DevOps and Developer Tool
  • Data analytics: Microsoft Power BI, various options of DWH, big data analytics, IoT, machine learning
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, incl. SharePoint Online


Azure cybersecurity

Manin develops a customised security plan and the most effective security tools. Along with security monitoring, recurring vulnerability scans, and penetration testing across your Azure infrastructure, we configure and manage access to Azure resources.

Administration for Azure

Your Azure administration activities, such as configuring resources, controlling data flows through Azure, and backing up the data stored in your Azure resources, are handled by Manin.

Azure monitoring 24/7

Azure-based infrastructure components are monitored by Manin using technologies like Azure Monitor, Nagios, Zabbix, and Prometheus to guarantee availability and dependability. Additionally, you receive data on the performance and resource usage of Azure.

Azure compliance

We periodically assess your Azure environment’s adherence to regulations for safe data processing and storage, such as HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST 800. We offer our clients a GDPR Data Processing Agreement and a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), as needed (GPA).

Azure migration

Manin creates a cost-effective and high-performing Azure environment by planning your personalised migration and choosing the best Azure services.

Azure evolution

Manin is capable of planning, implementing, deploying, and configuring new Azure-based infrastructure components. Additionally, we may maintain, integrate, and provide functional and technical support for the currently installed components.

Azure support desk

Your Azure-based infrastructure components will receive L1–L3 support from a multilingual workforce.

Optimization of Azure usage

As a proactive MSP, Manin looks for ways to improve the efficiency with which Azure resources are used. For example, we can configure autoscaling procedures to easily meet changing demand in Azure storage or compute resources.

Azure troubleshooting

Our team deals with problems brought on by server overloads, application and server misconfigurations, and analyses event logs to identify the underlying causes of incidents and stop them from happening again.



A monthly charge is a portion of a bill for the quantity of cloud resources used each month.With this approach, you pay Manin directly for our services, any necessary licences, and cloud resources.

Manin can offer additional reductions for Azure-based infrastructures because it is a Microsoft partner.

Based on the details of the IT infrastructure, a fixed monthly fee

It’s good that the service scope is predictable.

The services are provided by Manin within the predetermined monthly budget. To prevent significant one-time costs, we divide the work scope into distinct activities and implement the modifications gradually.

What You Receive by Trusting Us with Your Azure Management Services

Self-control and openness in providing services

In order to make our Azure administration clear and under your control, we create a customised KPI system.

Proactive strategy

Beyond typical operating considerations, we always seek for methods to enhance your Azure-based IT infrastructure.

Experienced processes

To lower the cost of Azure management, we use ITSM procedures and ITIL best practises.

Azure cost effectiveness

We choose the best Azure services for your IT infrastructure and make use of the autoscaling capabilities of Azure for computing and storage resources to adapt to the fluctuating demand for them.

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